Veda and Agama Patashala

The Hindu religion which is also known traditionally as Sanatana Dharma is essentially based on Veda and Agama sastra. There are 8 different Agamas to meet the requirements of different streams of Hindu religion. The Endowments Department has a sacred responsibility of protecting, preserving and nuturing Vedas and Agamas and for this purpose the department is following two broad strategies:

1) Spread of Veda and Agama Patasalas

The objective is to create trained manpower to meet the requirements of various temples and other religious Institutions. The Department is presently running Agama/Veda patasalas at the following places.

2) Utilisation of the services of Veda and Agama pandits in temples

The Department is also utilizing the services of Veda Pandits in all major temples of the state. These Veda pandits undertake Vedic chanting in the temples daily besides participating in Yagnas, Yagams etc.,

3) Sanskrit Education:

Encouraging Sanskrit language and education is one of the objectives of Department. The following Devasthanams are running full fledged oriental colleges and high schools. (1) Simhachalam, (2) Annavaram, (3) Dwaraka Tirumala, and (4) Ponnuru. These Institutions are furthering education in Sanskrit in accordance with the traditional curriculum.