Archaka Welfare Fund

In pursuance of the directions of Supreme Court of India, a Trust namely A.P. Endowments Archakas and other Employees Welfare Fund Trust has been created to take up welfare measures to the Archakas and other employees working in the temples in the State. For this purpose a corpus fund was created in the state was created by collecting funds from every Religious and Charitable Institution in the State. As per Section 65 of the Endowments Act every temple is liable to contribute annually 3% of its income to the Archaka and other employees Welfare Fund.

Financial assistance is being given to the Archakas and other employees of temples out of the interest derived from the corpus fund. These schemes include

  • Death Exgratia to breaseaved Archaka families.
  • Medical aid.
  • Loan for performance of marriage.
  • Conduct of Refresher courses to Archakas.
  • Housing Loans.
  • Education loans
  • Scholarships for Veda and Agama students.